Java & Joy: 3

I don’t have much to share; a busy week means I haven’t spent much time on the web, and that means not many favorites to pull in for Java & Joy. But that is a happy internet absence, after all, it was my last week of being a full-time auntie for awhile, and I intended to spend as much time with the my siblings and their kids as I could.

Yesterday I traveled back home, and on Tuesday I move back to my college campus, and begin classes on Wednesday, so until then you’ll find me frantically packing and stressing. . . even though there’s not actually too much to do! (Yay!) So in order to keep myself from stressing too much, I pulled out just a few favorites I saw this week. . .

And since I have so few, tell me. . .

What are the best things you’ve seen this week?


I’ve been baking a lot (and posting my cake progression on Instagram and Facebook), and this looks like an amazing Tres Leches cake I need to try! Last week I tried duplicating a traditional Viennese Sachertorte cake (photo above, recipe coming soon!), and it was incredible. Now I want to bake any and all cakes that I see!


I’m watching for a globe, now. . . anyone want to make DIY lamps with me?!

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I really want to try a bookish subscription now. Anyone else have experience with book subscription boxes? Tell me which one’s the best!

I also saw this in mug and towel form at a favorite coffee shop on our way home yesterday, and it made me laugh. I think my college apartment might need it. . .

17/31 #augusteyecandy #blue Yesterday was my final day of being a full-time auntie, and today I’m headed home to get ready to move back to college before school starts next week. I’m a bit blue about leaving my nephies and new niecie, but I’m so happy I had three weeks with them and their parents. Last Sunday after reading a new book about mermaids, nephew #1 asked for me to draw a mermaid. . . I’m no artist, but I did what I could. As his laughter increased, nephew #2 joined us, requesting fish. They all got names, and eventually, speech bubbles. I’m treasuring these years where they don’t know yet that I’m a terrible artist. 😉 (Also, out of all the creatures in this page, the ‘sad fish’ that the boys asked for and the octopus happily proclaiming “I’m Bob!” are my favorite.)

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My joy of the week:

The last 3 weeks I’ve been living with my big brother and his family, being full-time auntie to his little boys. And this was my favorite thing, last Sunday evening: Drawing with them.

Also, coffee coffee coffee! (Keeping up with nephews means I need caffeine!)

What is your joy of the week?

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