Java & Joy: 2

Happy Saturday, and happy Java & Joy! I’ve had a long, wonderful week, and I’m very happy to have a fun weekend break!

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been living with my brother and sister-in-law, being a full-time Auntie to my nephies. Between reading lots of books, doing ‘wild play’, setting up train tracks, and answering many many ‘why’s, I’m one happy and exhausted auntie.

Below I have another collection of my favorite links from this week for Java & Joy, ranging from yummy cookies to character inspiration for writers, inspiring art, fun projects, to simply a silly bookish quiz!

What fun things have you found this week? Don’t forget to tag me!

I just posted my favorite Molasses cookie recipe. . . now, I think I need to make these delicious chocolate chip cookies. And soon!

This makes me wish I had an artist’s studio. And, you know, any artistic skill. (Except for that baby face. That’s just plain creepy. But put a pretty picture there instead, and gorgeous!)

I really want to try a book subscription. . . Anyone else have experience with bookish subscription boxes? Tell me which one’s the best!

I think it’s time for me to try knitting a Find Your Fade shawl. . . these colors inspire me! I feel like I need to find soft yarn, with warm yellows and soft blues. Has anyone else made a faded or ombre shawl? What colors did you use? I think they’re beautiful.


Have you ever wondered what Austen heroine you’d be?

I can never make up my mind. . . I feel like I’m Lizzie one day, Elinor another, and Anne another. It’s Saturday, time to have some fun and find out what combination of Austen heroines you are!

Me? The quiz said that. . .“You are a combination of Elizabeth Bennet +Marianne Dashwood, and like them, you are spontaneous, quick-witted and stubborn. You are very in tune with your emotions, and they often guide your actions. Even when you mean well, you are quick to jump to conclusions which doesn’t always sit well with others.”

(I’d prefer to be Lizzie and Elinor, but then, who wouldn’t? At least I’m not Lydia and Emma, right? 😉 )

Your dose of coffee for the week! This makes me laugh, because it is just oh so me.


If you are a writer or a reader (or even a movie-watcher!), you will have your own favorite character. But why are they favorites? Do you relate to them? Wish you were like them? (Or, for those of us who like villains, are glad you aren’t like them, but man they’re interesting!) Well, a friend (who I’m doing a giveaway with soon!) recently posted this:

“I’m sure every blog on fiction writing has covered how to make readers care about characters. But recently I started thinking about specific characters and the reasons why we love them. All the best-loved characters in literature—why, and how, do they steal our hearts?” (read more!)

And, here’s the kicker: She talks about The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society! I talked about Guernsey just last week, and it makes me happy to see Juliet brought up as an example!


I hope you have a wonderful java-filled and joyous day!

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