Java & Joy: 1

It’s Saturday, and this is the first installment of Java & Joy!

Java & Joy is a the fun weekend break from serious topics, an installment of fun and inspiring things I’ve seen around the internet during the week, from blogs I follow and on social media. I also invite my blog fam to get involved in Java & Joy by sending me the fun things that they see during the week! Read more here.

So! Grab your coffee and join me

One of my all-time favorite comedy sketches.
(partially because potatoes in any form are my comfort food)


A weekly dose of coffee, of course. And since we’re still in this sweltering August heat here in Nebraska, here are 23 delicious iced coffee recipes!

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yummm. I just want some of these gorgeous golden raspberries to make a tart, now!

Speaking of cookery, after just getting back from Greece in June, this Greek salad (with a twist!) looks delicious. I think I might need to do a Greek food cooking night. . .

Also, this:

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I just found the coolest (literary!) resource. I was looking up O.Henry’s ‘A Cosmopolite in a Cafe’ and found an audio recording of it! Not only that, but this website is actually a collection of ‘Children’s literature’, grades K-12. They have the written copies and audio recordings of O.Henry’s stories, works from all three Bronte sisters, Aristotle, L. Frank Baum. . . There are fairy tales, classic literature, different collections, genres, age levels, and interests.

The English geek inside me just got super excited. I listened to 4 or 5 O.Henry stories while making cookies, and (although I haven’t tried it yet) there’s also a download button on each recording, so you can download the stories and books, poems and collections, to listen to later!

So, in essence. Free audiobooks. Classic literature. K-12 (and up). Bookish awesomeness. Go check it out!


And lastly, this makes me laugh so much. Especially “Adios, hippos” because, well (in my mind, anyway), it doesn’t work!

But my favorite. . . Gotta run, skeleton!

Thanks for joining me for the first Java & Joy! Let me know what fun, inspiring, or silly things you saw around the web this week!

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