5 Reasons I’m Excited to Get Back to School

In a week exactly I move back to school. I’ve only been at home in the States for about two months, after getting back from study abroad this summer, and while study abroad was amazing, and people always call it a ‘vacation’, we were also taking classes. . . upper level classes. It wasn’t all vacation, there were also tests, homework, classes every morning, assignments, and hard work. And since I’ve been home I don’t feel like I’ve rested much; between working, full-time auntie-ing, completely dejunking and cleaning my room, and unpacking and re-packing up for college, it’s been a busy two months.

But even being tired and not quite ready for the homework yet, I am starting to get excited for school to start. In fact, I’ve decided to focus on 5 reasons I’m excited to get back to school, instead of thinking about papers to write, and stress and exhaustion to manage.

1. Getting back into a regular routine!

Confession time: I am terrible at actually keeping up a regular routine. I make all these goals, work out 3-5 times a week, yoga every evening, Bible and devotional time every morning, eating at regular times instead of skipping meals *cough cough*. . . and then instead I don’t work out, I do Bible and devo willy-nilly during the day, skip meals when ‘I can’t find anything’, and generally just let my goals fall to shambles.

But when I’m at college, I have a steady routine with classes, which helps me to create steady routines in other areas of my life! I love having a rhythm to my life like this, even when it feels too packed after theatre rehearsals start. 😉

2. Living in a small town–walking and exploring.

I love living in the country. But walking the same gravel roads all the time gets a bit dull (although it’s made up for by the terrific sunsets). Living in a small town means I get to spend a little while each day (ideally) walking around town listening to an audiobook looking at the neighborhoods and exploring train bridges, abandoned schools, and parks. I can even walk down to the coffee shop or store if I need/want to, and the bookstore is right around there too. . . luckily it’s an hour+ walk, so it’s not quite as tempting when I have limited time. Otherwise I’d be bringing a lot of books and coffee back with me. . .

Walking around town, and to one of my favorite spots: The train bridge.

3. Seeing my friends again.

I’m not an extrovert, and sometimes it’s hard to be around so many people every single day. But I have a core group of friends, and we hang out, eat meals together, celebrate birthdays, go to devos, do game nights, and it is so much fun. I do miss them, and all my friends on campus–including the teachers, caf workers, and the president. I also really miss tutoring, and the other tutors, and especially the manager, who takes care of the tutoring center!

4. Moving into the apartment with my roommates.

This year I’m moving out of the dorms and into the apartments, and living with 3 of my best friends. We’ll be Hannah, Hannah, Molly, and Molly, and I’m excited. Last year we were in the dorms, two sets of roommates, in different dorm rooms, on separate floors. But this year we’ll all be together, and with a living room and A KITCHEN!!

5. And, of course, the classes.

I am so excited about my classes this semester! Not only am I taking 3 English classes (2 of which are upper-level and super fun–Brit Lit and Film as Literature, yes please!), but I’m also taking the Stage Makeup class with my cousin, which will be so. much. fun. I really do love classes, learning new things, writing fun assignments, and getting to know the professors and my classmates, so I’m very excited for this part of going back to school (geek that I am. Although, c’mon, film as literature! Stage makeup! What’s not to love?).

So those are the 5 exciting things I’m focusing on as I gear up to go back to school. Although there are more I could mention, like fall foliage on campus, singing in chapel everyday, choir and theatre productions, and going to my church near the campus again, those 5 are my biggest.

What do you love about this time of year?

Do you turn stress into excitement by focusing on just a few things, like I’m doing?

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